Darkness Falls

by Shadow Man

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I am an animal rights activist and I donate all revenues to animal projects. There are people who help and support animals all over the world. They build shelters, buy food and give medical care. I support those who care for abused animals in Romania, India and other places. So with buying my music you also support abused animals.

Your support is much appriciated and helps to decrease the suffering of animals all over the world.

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released January 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Shadow Man Germany

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Track Name: Blood On My Hands
Blood On My Hands

I’m a man on a mission
And my orders are clear
I’m a silent assassin
You don’t see me but I’m near
I’m the final solution
But my killing’s not a crime
You’ll never know my name
But I know every clime

I’m a man like a shadow
Got no name and no face
They call me on a mobile phone
To send me to some godforsaken place
You’re just another target
Your life means nothing to me
I’m just one step behind you
But you will never see


And in my dreams
I see their faces
They stare at me
Can’t wash away this blood on my hands

When it’s day I will watch you
I will find you anywhere
I will come with the darkness
When it’s night I’ll be there
Yet you can hear me whisper
I’m here to take your life
When you see me it’s too late
Cut your thoat with my knife
Track Name: Savant

I see the world with different eyes
You think I’m strange but I’m a prodigy
I cannot see or feel like you
I’m just living in my memory


Speak to me
Make me see
What will be
I can’t erase my memory

You think I’m weird or just a fool
I live with numbers and they speak to me
My mind is boundless, there’s no borderline
You can’t imagine what I use to see


I spoke to God and God showed me the way, touched my soul and opened up my mind so I can see and understand the context behind the divine creation of life
Track Name: Watch Me Burn
Watch Me Burn

Come down to the river, in the dark night, if you dare
We’re dancing in the moonlight with the flowers in our hair
Come and see the beauty in me
Meet me there, come and learn
People scream for justice, you see
The priest only blinded and stern

Watch me burn!
Watch me burn!
Watch me burn!
Watch me burn!

Spending many hours in the towers with my pain
Their lives are just illusion and confusion, they’re insane
Come and see the beauty in me
Meet me there, come and learn
“Vengeance” they scream, they cannot see
And noone raises concern

Watch me burn!
Watch me burn!
Watch me burn!
Watch me burn!

Dreaming of a new day, when it’s dawning I will die
Meet me in the valley where it’s peaceful, so don’t cry
Come and see the beauty in me
Meet me there, come and learn
You’ll find me there under the tree
Cause I will always return

Watch me burn!
Watch me burn!
Watch me burn!
Watch me burn!
Track Name: Moonchild

Moonchild, you are free
So wild, wait for me

Hear the roar of the crowd
Feel the silence inside
There’s a shadow of doubt
When you flee into the night

Moonchild, take me with you
Reviled, and so fear grew

How I love to see you smile
I will take this pain from your soul
It may take just a little while
I will keep you warm when it’s cold


You are my savior
You take me to the stars
You are my reason to live
This life bizarre

Moonchild, your name is love
You smiled, that was enough

Gave your blood for the world
Gave your life just to suffer
Now your love is unfurled
But the times are getting rougher


Repeat 2nd verse
Track Name: My Sleeping Beauty
My Sleeping Beauty

Night falls, shadows surround me
The witch has cursed and bound me
Black demons finally found me
They come only to hound me
She’s so beautiful but she fell from grace
Oh how I want to feel her but there’s no embrace
I hear her voice whisper, she calls my name
Is this illusion? For I know she’s not the same

My sleeping beauty, she steals away
She’s so strange to me, she sleeps all day
My sleeping beauty, she once deceased
And now I wonder is she the beauty or the beast

There lies the beauty that I adore
Her white-skinned body that I should gore
Oh how I loved her like no one before
And I always will, for evermore
The darkness covers her face
But the shadows they know her disgrace
A silent lullaby resounds from somewhere
A child weeps till it dies, a mother screams in despair

My sleeping beauty, she steals away
She’s so strange to me, she sleeps all day
My sleeping beauty, she once deceased
And now I can see she’s the beauty and the beast

I can’t forgive myself for the pain and misery
I dared the witch and she put a spell on you and me

My sleeping beauty, she bays for blood
I hope so truely that she will not
My sleeping beauty cannot be released
Cause when the moon is full the beauty is the beast
But for me she will always be
Track Name: My Father's Son
My Father’s Son

The Silence, this coldness, it’s hurting, more than any words
Ignoring, avoiding for so long, oh, but still it hurts
I cannot remember the reason, never had his love
The years flew, just tried to forget him, I just had enough


No matter how far I run
I’m still my father’s son
Until all is said and done

Believing, deceiving, just hiding tears falling from my eyes
Illusion, confusion, denying, still just telling lies
Erasing, I’m chasing my demons, ghosts from long ago
So hollow, I follow the winter, somewhere I don’t know

Track Name: The Killing Machine
The Killing Machine

They are watching you, they try to look behind
They always want to know what’s on your mind
If only you could see, but you are blind
There will be no chance to rewind

The power of evil is growing and it will never stop until you decide to stand up
They don’t care about you, they just care about themselves
They care about money, they care about power

They tell you anything and you believe
They hail you with a smile, but they deceive
Your mind is bound, but you don’t perceive
They let you work some more, no time to grieve

Free your mind now
See it right now
Feel inside now
Time is right now

They give you hell and they give you war
They give you stars that you adore
They let you suffer, but you ignore
They let you bleed and you bleed some more


They feed your mind with hope and fear
Show of illusion, you laugh and cheer
Hide in the darkness, a silent tear
They let you know the end is always near


The killing machine
Track Name: Holy Ground
Holy Ground

So here I am, naked and alone
I’m left behind, freezing in the cold
The years flew by, I never realized
Somehow I stranded, it caught me by surprise (I wonder where I am?)


On holy ground
Now I build this house around my dreams
On holy ground
In this world where nothing ‘s what it seems
On holy ground
There is so much more for you and me
On holy ground
We’re just too blind to see

Now I understand what I ignored all those years
Finally I found myself beyond this sea of tears
Now I choose my way, take my life in my own hands
I follow my inner voice that leads me to the promised land (Now I know where I am)


Yesterday is far away
Tomorrow ‘s so illusive
I found my way, live for today
Now I see this is me
Track Name: Sleeping In The Arms Of Death
Sleeping In The Arms Of Death

I am leaving home at dawn
Go dancing with the devil’s spawn
Hollow faces, shades of grey
Come to haunt me all the day
Creeping, crawling through my mind
Smiling as I’m going blind
From the snakepit I shall rise
Under black and moonlit skies

Sleep is the sweet prelude
To my eternal solitude
The night is my only friend
As I’m waiting for the end

Coming home, I leave the strife
In the darkness I’m alive
I close the door, I dim the light
Being at home, now it feels so right
In the night I feel so mellow
I’m in love with moonlight shadows
I go to bed, I feel so blessed
I lay my weary head to rest


Waiting for the final day
Longing for the final breath
Dreaming of another world
Sleeping in the arms of death