Walking On A Dark Path

by Shadow Man

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Your support is much appriciated and helps to decrease the suffering of animals all over the world.

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released November 1, 2011



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Shadow Man Germany

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Track Name: Killing The Gods
Killing The Gods

We’re watching silently, staring at the screen
Arranged so perfectly, superficially seen
There is no truth in those empty words
These stars don’t shine for it only hurts to see them…


Killing the gods (they are)
Killing the gods (we see them)
Killing the gods (they are)
Killing the gods (we all watch them)
Killing the gods (they are)
Killing the gods (we leave them)
Killing the gods (they are killing the truth)

Sliding into obscurity, lies have blinded my mind
We all fail so constantly, slowly going blind
Here in the darkness we can’t find the way
Shining illusions brighten the day
I hear them whisper, don’t know what they say
I only hate to see them…

Track Name: Another Dying Breed
Another Dying Breed

In this world there’s so much hate and fear
We don’t see what we really need
We don’t believe the end is getting near
There’s a way out we don’t accede
I see the sky darken
And clouds cover my sight


Bleed for your greed, we don’t need
Just another dying breed
Come hear my creed, you will bleed
You’re just another dying breed

And I still believe we can change the world
But as I look around I see the world go down in slaughter

There’s a world of everlasting peace
And it’s far beyond my mind
In this world there will never be release
But there’s a place somewhere in time
I see the sky darken
And clouds cover my sight


Bleed for your greed, we don’t need
Just another dying breed
Come hear my creed, we will bleed
We’re just another dying breed
Track Name: Victimized

Deep in the night they meet again
It’s time to offer another child
Hails to the gods of eternal night
And the crowd is going wild

See them dance and hear them sing
They hide their faces as the ritual begins
A crying child, it’s face in fear
The flames are dancing in the wind

The priest arrives and they bless the child
Holy words come from his mouth
He lays the child on the altar of stone
And a whispering wind comes from the south

See them dance and hear them sing
They raise their hands and the ritual begins
The child still crying, but nevermore
And the innocent blood runs to the floor

Suddenly the sky darkens
And the wind becomes storm
The heaven sends thunder and rain
And they wash away the blood still warm

I beg you hear my words
Take this child we offer you
We are not many, but many more will rise
We praise your name and kneel before you
Come with fire, come with the sword
I beg you hear my words
Give us the power to rule this land
And lead us to conquer the world
Track Name: Emotional Breakdown
Emotional Breakdown

All those ruthless years we wasted so much precious time
So many wicked thoughts are running thru my darkened mind
Forgotten dreams buried in a deep black hole
And in chains lies a shadow that was once my soul

When did this war begin?
Who will lose and who will win?
A part of me died


I can’t see you, I can’t hear you
I can’t feel you though I’m near you
I can’t reach you, don’t understand you
I don’t need you, I think I’ll leave you

Blood and tears will dry but the scars will linger
Eternal love will die for evermore

This bed of roses somehow turned into a bed of nails
That little pussycat became a cat-o’nine-tails
Two hearts are frozen and a common dream became illusion
This oath of eternal love died and became collusion

When did this war begin?
Who will lose and who will win?
With every word a part of me dies

Track Name: Running With The Devil
Running With The Devil

I like it cool, I like it dark, I like it hard and fast
I like speed, I like the rush and I like to kick your ass
Where is my ecstasy, where’s my cocaine? I need my stuff to kickstart my brain
Faster and faster down into hell, I think I’m going insane

Lost in illusion, losing my dream

I’m always running with the devil
And while I’m running I see the devil’s grin
I’m only running with the devil
And it seems the devil will always win

I’m on my way right into my hell

I’m drinking whisky, I’m drinking wine
I’m always having fun, I know how to spent my time
I’m driving my car and I hit top speed
This is what I want, this is what I need

Faster and faster down the winding road
I am the master of overload

Track Name: In My Darkest Hour
In My Darkest Hour

In my darkest hour I feel endless pain
I try to change my point of view but it always stays the same
And time is going faster, yeaf after year
I wish I could change the world but I can’t

In my darkest hour I’m in utter solitude
And all those sleepless nights are eternity’s sweet prelude
I try to ignore the world around me
Instead I keep searching for answers to understand

In my darkest hour I welcome death’s embrace
I lay down to final rest, the mask of death on my face
So now I am leaving for evermore
It’s time to set my spirit free for eternity
Track Name: Season Of Depression
Season Of Depression

Another sleepless night, another broken dream
Eyes so dark and cold, another silent scream
Do you hear me now? Can you see me bleed?
I feel lost somehow, I cannot find what I need

Where is the way that leads me back to me?
Where is the truth that I can’t see?


It’s the season of depression
There’s no reason and no passion
Another season of depression
Act of treason, lost in fashion

I see painted skies, another shade of grey
Hiding from the world until the end of day
I spoke to God but God didn’t answer me
And then I realized there is no divinity

Come, heal my wounds, heal my bleeding heart
Heal my soul, heal my spirit, don’t let me drown in this darkness

Track Name: Perfect Moment To Say Goodbye
Perfect Moment To Say Goodbye

So long ago
My memories fade
All that I know
Is I’m always a little too late
So insecure
A sign of doubt
How can I be sure?
When the voice in my head speaks so loud
So lost in time
I’m drifting away
Can’t find the rhyme
I wish I could leave, but I stay


Knowing the truth and seeing the sign
Noone to blame there but me
A light in the distance for me to align
I have to decide what shall be


Always alone
With my silent cries
Under my throne
I’m searching for strength and advice
So far away
So out of reach
Another day
No words to conclude my last speech


I can’t sleep
I’m living a lie
Way too deep
Perfect moment to say goodbye