Tales Of Life

by Shadow Man

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released October 9, 2013



all rights reserved


Shadow Man Germany

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Track Name: Domination

You know, life in silence
In peace and love, is what I’m looking for
But you just sit and wonder
How much longer, how much more can we take?

Here you are, just stumbling on your way
And you do nothing, so one day you will pay
This precious moment, will you ever realize?
Trapped in illusion, blinded by their lies

Domination – I just want to be free
Domination – Oh please let me be
They don’t know your name, yet they control your destiny
Domination – They’ll never conquer me

I know I’m so much stronger
When I believe in who I am
You run around in circles
Not knowing why you always fail again


Track Name: Dealing With The Devil
Dealing With The Devil

We have the power, we make the rules
You are the puppets, you are the fools
We are the wolves, you are the lambs
We hold your fate in our bloody hands

Dealing with the devil
We’re playing with the fire
Dealing with the devil
To rule is our desire
Dealing with the devil
We’re spreading the disease
Dealing with the devil
We will bring you to your knees

We have the right, cause we have the money
We let you bleed, cause we think that’s funny
We are the masters, you are the slaves
We can do anything, you may hope that Jesus saves

Dealing with the devil
Killing for the cash
Dealing with the devil
We watch you while you crash
Dealing with the devil
The world is Our’s to take
Dealing with the devil
We’ll keep you under ’til you break

We are the new gods
Our will is your command
We rule the world
Your fate is in our hands

Don’t listen to them
They lie and hide the truth
Your eyes are blinded again
Your mind is fooled

Dealing with the devil
The world in our design
Dealing with the devil
Creating is divine
Dealing with the devil
We keep the world going ’round
Dealing with the devil
We rule the world ’til the world goes down
Track Name: Love Lies Within
Love Lies Within

So now you surrender
You lie on your bed
I see you crying
But you should be dreaming instead
Say do you remember
Your very first love
Stop your self-denying
And tell me what you’re dreaming of

Don’t say it’s over, don’t say there’s no way
Don’t say you can’t take anymore
Open your heart now, and open your mind
There’s something you cannot ignore

Love lies within
See the truth and begin
To realize there’s no sin
You know all you need is love
And love lies within

Stop wasting your life now
Don’t live in the past
Enjoy every moment
And love it cause it could be your last



Don’t be afraid, it’s never too late
Open your heart and your mind, you will see
You’re coming home, you’re not alone
You never were and you never will be

Track Name: In The Light Of God
In The Light Of God

Don’t know your destination
You’re afraid to go astray
You’re looking for salvation
Open your heart and pray

When it’s dark, when it’s cold
When fear comes to grab your soul
Come to me, you will see
I’m the way, you will be free

And when the pressure grows
There’s someone who knows
You can find a lot
In the Light of God
And when it takes you down
There will be love around
You will find a lot
In the light of God

Now as you feel the pressure
Now as you feel the pain
You never found your treasure
You think you go insane



You feel lost in this endless night
You can find your way into healing light
Don’t be a fool, don’t be afraid
You should know that it’s never too late
Track Name: Take Me Home
Take me Home

There was a time when I was young
I had so much to learn
Then I got wiser as I grew older
There’s no way to return

Now those days are over, many years I was afraid
There was so much sorrow, I thought it was too late
I cannot remember when things began to change
Now everything is right, I’m finally on my way


Take me home where I belong
I live in memories, sweet dreams and fantasies
Take me home where I belong
Take me back to my love, the one I’m dreaming of

I could not see, my eyes were blind
My heart was not open, I could not speak my mind
All those memories, I still see her face
I remember so well, I wish I could return to those days

Track Name: S.I.M.

So now I have found you
And when I look into your eyes
Life seems so much brighter
Now I begin to realize
I thought loneliness has held me down
But being lonely was not bad at all
In loneliness myself was who I found
After all the pain I’m still standing tall

And so I bare my heart to you
Allow you to touch my soul
And when you could endure the depth
And when you have gone through the pain
And when you have recognized me
Then love me
Then love me as I am

(Second verse by PA’ur Boris Airetsis)
Track Name: I Still Believe
I Still Believe

I was looking for forgiveness and a reason
I was trying to break the chains that held me down
Now I see it’s time to start another season
I will sail this ship back home before I drown

Sometimes life will hit you hard without a warning
Like a bullet hits you right between the eyes
You can run and hide but you know you will be falling
Like a raging storm it takes you by surprise

As I look around I see the world go down in slaughter
People everywhere just trying to survive
Always trying to keep my head above the water
A I still believe I will make it through this life

How many times did I stumble on my way?
Thought I’m lost in time and I’ll always go astray
Chasing rainbows in a sky that is full of brokern dreams
But it’s not what it seems, I still believe

There is faith in me when I think about tomorrow
I can see a future that is meant for me
I won’t waste my life with trouble and with sorrow
Cause deep inside I know I will be free



What I see is not real
I just live in illusion
But I know what I feel
So, now this is my conclusion
Track Name: Life Beyond The Pain
Life Beyond The Pain

Life is too short to worry about stupid things
have fun, fall in love, enjoy every moment
Regret nothing and don’t let people bring you down
Your life is right here, right now


Life beyond the pain
I can’t stand the silence
So here I am
Caught between the worlds
Life beyond the pain
I seek you in the distance
I’m alone again
How long will it hurt?

You woke me up from my sleep
So I could dream again
But I dreamed to live and died from it
Until you found me sleeping

Track Name: Heal My Heart
Heal My Heart

Father, sing me a song
that will ease my pain
mend broken bones
bring wholeness again

Father, heal my heart
so that I can see
the gifts of yours
that can live through me

Mother, catch my babies
when they are born
sing me a death song
teach me how to mourn

Mother, heal my heart
so that I can see
the gifts of yours
that can live through me

Show me the medicine
of the healing herbs
the value of spirit
the way I can serve

Father, heal my heart
so that I can see
the gifts of yours
that can live through me

Mother, heal my heart
so that I can see
the gifts of yours
that can live through me

(Based on a prayer of American Natives)
Track Name: Dancing On The Edge Of Destruction
Dancing On The Edge Of Destruction

We all are co-responsible
For everything that happens in this world
Ignorance is inacceptable
Just be more aware of your thoughts and words

It’s not that difficult, take over responsibility
Show some respect, in the name of humanity
Where is our innocence, it got lost there in reality
So tell me how did we become now what we are

Refrain:So here we go again
And we dance on the edge of destruction
And we drink poisoned water
Still we cannot see the truth

I am everything and because I am everything
I need to be nothing, we are all the same
I am nothing and because I am nothing
I can be everything, I am what I am

It’s not….